Our Mission is to help more than 10,000 people to be pain free and strong by being Brisbane’s leading outdoor fitness business!

Geoff Brown Personal Training (GBPT) believes in taking advantage of the great outdoors and so that’s where all our training happens! Our aim is to promote a healthy lifestyle which reduces stress, and increases energy and self-confidence – all while having fun!

We specialize in functional and body weight training and work closely with some of Brisbane’s best physiotherapists to ensure that you are not only strong and moving freely, but most importantly pain free! Life is so much easier when you’re strong!

Outdoor training is shown to improve your mental well-being, increase energy levels and decrease stress. GBPT builds on this positive energy and combines it with motivating trainers to inspire you to become the best you can be.

We understand everyone is different, so we aim to provide a personalised health and fitness program to meet your needs and interests. We also know life gets hectic, so GBPT provides an outdoor training service that comes to you!

We host a variety of boot camps and corporate group training sessions which are designed to maximise your fitness levels.

Make a difference to your lifestyle now!

Who are we?

Geoff Brown Personal Training provides many health & fitness programs for a large variety of clientele. We understand the hectic lifestyles lead in today’s world.

GBPT Specialises in

  • Calisthenics, Functional and Body Weight strength training,
  • Outdoor Boot Camps and Group Fitness,
  • Weight (fat) loss and Body Transformations,
  • Mental & Psychological Well-Being,
  • Meal Plans,
  • Couples Training and
  • Personalised Fitness Programs.

Member Benefits

At Geoff Brown Personal Training we aim to provide value for money, so check out all the benefits that you’ll be entitled to when you train with us.

  • Free GBPT shirt or singlet
  • 50% off personalised meal plans
  • 50% off online training programs
  • FREE group training for all 1-on-1 Personal Training clients
  • Access to special deals with our affiliate & partnered businesses
  • Ongoing fitness, nutritional and psychological advice to ensure that you stick to and achieve your goals
  • Support in various fitness events and fun runs (eg Bridge to Brisbane)

Geoff Brown

Director of GBPT
All-round fitness & nutrition expert

I’m looking forward to working alongside you to achieve the results you’re striving for in the year ahead. Although I’ve already met many of you I’d like to share with you a bit of my background and why I’m committed to helping you improve your health and enjoy your life more through exercise… more

Nick O’Donnell

All-round fitness
& nutrition expert

You might recognise me or my name because I‘ve been training personally with GBPT for 3 years now! I’ve loved and learned so much from just participating in our program that I have been inspired to develop my knowledge and contribute to GBPT with my own skills and expertise… more

Natalie Kovago

All-round fitness
& nutrition expert

I am all about leading an active, healthy and balanced life, while having heaps of fun!. I’m a qualified Fitness Instructor, working at Geoff Brown personal training, and am currently in the process of completing my Certificate 4 in Personal Training. I also have a degree in Secondary Health and Physical Education… more